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Directions to our offices

The Iwalewahaus can easily be reached by bus. The city of Bayreuth is using low-floor buses that lower their entrances at each stop. Each stop is also announced ahead of time to aid blind passengers. The central bus hub (ZOH) is equipped with a tactile guidance system but lacks verbal announcements at the platforms. The customer care center at the ZOH can be reached at ground level. At the train station, a tactile guidance system is also present, however it leads towards the city center, not to the bus stage.

On your way to Iwalewahaus you will pass stretches of cobblestone. Distances are 700m from the train station, 370m from ZOH and 260m from Luitpoldplatz to the main entrance of Iwalewahaus. An accessible parking spot and stepless entrance to the building can be found in the inner courtyard, accessible via Münzgasse.

From Bayreuth train station / Flixbus stop Goethestraße:

VGN-lines 302, 303, 305, 309 and 328 towards ZOH, disembark at Luitpoldplatz

From the central bus hub (ZOH)

Line 304 towards Birken, disembark at Opernhaus

Our open consulting hour takes place in our office in the building of the Studentenwerk Oberfranken on campus:

The access to the building is also barrier-free, opposite the Central University Administration (ZUV). A detailed plan of the Studentenwerk Oberfranken building can be found here.

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